About Bitmag™

What is a Bitmag™

A bitmag magnetic bit holder is a tool that is used to hold screwdriver bits securely on a power drill or power driver. Some benefits of using a bitmag magnetic bit holder include:

Increased efficiency: the Bitmag magnetic bit holder allows you to quickly and easily change out bits (even with work gloves on), which can save time and improve your productivity.

Improved grip: The magnets in the bit holder helps to hold the bits securely in place, reducing the risk of the bit slipping out while you are changing it.

Enhanced safety: Because the bits are held securely in place on the power tool by very powerful magnets, there is less risk of the bit coming loose and potentially causing injury or damaging the workpiece.

Greater versatility: The Bitmag magnetic bit holder is designed to be compatible with a wide range of bits ad power tool brands, so you can use it with a variety bits, drills and any kind of power drill / power driver.

Work easier, faster, and safer

Overall, using a bitmag magnetic bit holder can make your work easier, faster, and safer, especially if you frequently change out bits while working on projects.

Bitmag is made for professional users – it is universal and double-sided bit holder with separate powerful magnets in each hole.

Genuine, unique Swedish product

Bitmag is a genuine product designed and made in Sweden. It is precision made and offers extreme high durability.

You can get it in tool stores or order it online from our official webshop at https://shop.bitmag.net

Story behind the Bitmag™

Bitmag™ was created by Ulf Nilsson from northern Sweden, Jämtland. Ulf has been inventing and improving things, to solve problems, from a very young age. When he was working as a carpenter, he noticed that a lot of valuable time was lost whilst looking for bits and changing them to new ones. Taking off work gloves and putting away the power driver interrupted the work flow, and loosing bits whilst changing them to new ones was very irritating as well…

Ulfs brilliant mind soon came up with an idea to solve those problems! The first Bitmag ™ prototypes were made out of wood and was not very durable, but he was on to something really smart. With assistance from Åre Produktion -who specializes in CNC aluminum- the first batch of Bitmag ™ metal was made.

Some of Ulfs friends in the construction bussiness -who works with power drivers on a daily basis- started to use Bitmag, and was amazed at how helpful it was! It saved them tonnes of time and money, they where now able to work much faster and much more efficient. More and more people succesfully used and tried Bitmag -the demand was growing- and soon mass production and sells started to take off.

After a while Ulf come up with a more affordable Bitmag ™ composite version. It was as durable (or more) and as powerful as the metal version. On top it was also available in different colors.

Thanks to many dedicated -and encouraging- users, Bitmag ™ became known world wide!