Story behind the Bitmag™

Bitmag™ was created by Ulf Nilsson from northern Sweden, Jämtland. Ulf was inventing and improving things to solve problems since he was young. While he was working as a carpenter he noticed that a lot of valuable time was lost while looking for bits and changing them. Taking off work gloves and putting away the power driver interrupted the work flow, loosing bits while changing was very irritating as well…

Ulfs brilliant mind come up soon with an idea for solution to those problems! First Bitmag ™ prototypes made in wood was not very durable, but he was on to something really smart. With help from Åre Produktion who specialize in CNC aluminium the first batch of Bitmag ™ metal was made.

Some of Ulfs friends working daily with power drivers started to use Bitmag and was amazed how helpful it was! It saved them ton of time and money, they could mow work much faster and more efficient. More and more people tried Bitmag and the demand was growing. Soon mass production and sells started.

After a while Ulf come up with a more affordable Bitmag ™ composite version. It was as durable (or more) and as powerful as the metal version. It was also available in different colors.

Thanks to many dedicated and encouraging users Bitmag ™ become known world wide!