BITMAG™ FAQ – Frequently asked questions and answers

⦿ My screwdriver already has a bit magazine built-in, which is why I need BITMAG™

BITMAG™ means that you have direct and easy access to the bits, simpler than removing them from the storage place in a screwdriver. BITMAG™ allows you to keep bits and prevents them from falling out also in strong tilts and shocks of the drill / screwdriver. The device allows you to exchange bits, even if you work with work gloves. In addition, you’ll be able to have more different bits with you.

⦿ My screwdriver has no holes for screwing in, how do I mount BITMAG ™ ?

Bitmag™ fixing on double-sided adhesive tape.

You can attach the BITMAG™ using double-sided, strong mounting tape and glue the BITMAG™ to your location.

⦿ How much time will I save using BITMAG™ ?

It is very individual, but think how long does it take you:
  – removal of working gloves, searching for bits in pockets
  – picking up bits that have fallen to the ground
  – Road to new beats when you lose what you had

A big plus is also work without unnecessary downtime, losing concentration in searching and exchanging bits.

⦿ I only use long bits, the small ones easily stay in the screw. Will BITMAG™ solve this problem?

Using high-quality zring holders and notched bits, the bits will not remain on the screws.

BITMAG™ can hold even long bits, drills and attachments. We advise you to use the best quality bit holders with a ring and the best quality bits with a cut. Then the bits hold a lot harder.

⦿ What type of magnets are used in BITMAG™ ?

Very small and very strong permanent magnets. The metal BITMAG™ has built-in neodymium magnets. Composite BITMAG™ has samarium-cobolt magnets.

Thanks to very strong magnets, Bitmag™ copes well with long bits, drills, handles and attachments.

⦿ What are the other positive aspects of using BITMAG™ ?

– By using BITMAG™ you minimize the risk of losing bits, thanks to which you can afford more expensive and better bits .

Working with BITMAG™ you increase your security because you can exchange bits with one hand and with the other you can belay on e.g. a ladder

– Bits do not destroy so quickly.

– You can buy bits by the piece, you don’t have to buy kits.

Using BITMAG™ you save time, money and the environment. BITMAG™ also contributes to a safer work environment. When standing on a ladder, you don’t have to lower it to change bits, you do it quickly and safely with one hand.