Bitmag™ offers two fundamental benefits that no other type of magnetic bit holders can do:

  1. Change bits with one hand only, holding the power driver in the other hand!
  2. Changing bits with work gloves on, even those short ones!

Swedish quality

This new unique bit holder is invented and produced in Sweden. It’s extremely durable as and made with high precision. Available in metal or composite material and many nice colours matching your machines.


Fits all types of power drivers and impact drills. It is the best and only solution for fast and efficient work using bits with power drills.

Big savings for the user

Bitmag™ you will save you a lot of time and lost bits! Work safe and efficient, use Bitmag™ !

Official distribution

We are the official Bitmag™ (and StealthMounts™ tool & battery mounts) world-wide distribution. If your company or store is interested in offering Bitmag™ to your customers, please contact us now!


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What is BITMAG™ ?

Unique magnetic bit holder (magazine) for bits, attachments and drills.

Bitmag™ has gained immense popularity in Sweden among installers and everyone who uses power tools like screwdrivers and drills.

It is indispensable for efficient, comfortable and fast work. Everyone who tries Bitmag™ once can’t go without it!

Bitmag in action - magnetic bitholder

The main advantages of Bitmag™ are:

  1. Mounted directly on the power tool of your choice, the bits are always at hand.
  2. The strong magnets holds the bits in place even with heavy shocks, upside down and in extreme conditions.
  3. It allows quick and convenient bit exchange even in thick gloves and at temperatures below zero thanks to a very precise execution.
  4. BitMag™ fits short and long bits, attachments and drills.
  5. BitMag™ fits all screwdrivers / drills on the market! Mounted on a screw or adhesive tape. Fits right-handed and left-handed.